Goal Setting- My Semester Vision Board

A new semester means new goals for my students and with distance learning in the back of my mind, I had to make this fun! I’ve titled this resource as a Vision Board to encourage creativity, a positive attitude and a growth mindset.

This Vision Board is bright and colourful to engage your students and  asks them to think of three goals and to record a favourite quote and a picture that would make him/her smile.

How Did My Students Respond?

Simply, they loved it! At the beginning of the year, we did this task and what now seems like boring white paper…this template is something different.

I created this template and saved it as a JPEG file. My reason for this was to allow my students to set it as a background on the app Pic EDU and use text boxes to complete it. The results was fantastic and there was freedom to choose images and fonts, which my students loved!

I suggested including at least one well-being goal amongst the three required and during these challenging times, I was happy to see some students set two wellbeing goals and one academic goal.

I encouraged my students to either print their completed Vision Board or to set it as their background on their iPad as motivation and a reminder of their goals.

To check out the resource pack, Click Here Now

Please feel free to pop back and leave a review or feedback, much appreciated!

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