Making Spelling Activities Fun!

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There is nothing like choice when it comes to home learning and my students have really enjoyed choosing their own activities from my newly created spelling activity grid.

With distance learning in full swing in Victoria at the moment, I am finding it important to change things up and keep things exciting where possible. Some students love spelling and some really don’t so there are physical, musical, written and creative challenges to choose from.

I have used the 1, 2, 3* approach to differentiate the activity options. The stars target a number of things; time required to complete the task, depth of thinking required and the skills that need to be developed.

I guided my weaker spellers to choose from the 1* activities and to challenge themselves with the 2* activities, similarly with my middle of the road spellers who are encouraged to begin with 2* activities and challenge themselves with the 3* activities.

For my competent spellers, they were recommended to begin with the 3* activities and to mix things up with the 2* activities, particularly activities such as exploring etymology, get creative by writing a tongue twister or write a piece of dialogue paying attention to the punctuation used,

How did my students respond?

  • Loved the visual appeal of the grid.
  • Enjoyed the opportunity to choose their own tasks and most opted for the more challenging tasks.
  • The variety meant that each student was responsible for choosing tasks that they could complete within a given time frame.
  • A few students asked if they could complete a 5 in a row which I thought was a great idea!

Who Said That? 2* Activity

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