Top 5 April Fool’s Day Pranks For Teachers

Can you believe it’s April Fool’s Day soon! It reminded me of the fun we had with our Year 5 students last year and we thought long and hard about what fun we might have this year. Here are my top 5 pranks to play on your students for April Fool’s Day.

There are certainly a few things to consider before choosing a prank to play;

  • Suitability of the prank in your school
  • Age of the students
  • Students with additional needs and how this might impact their day

#1 Loof Lirpa

A teacher in our school has a keen interest in bird watching so we asked him to be part of this prank to make it all the more convincing. He came into our class as we had all of our students together and announced that a rare ‘Loof Lirpa’ had been reported nearby in the bird spotting community. He made up a description of the bird and asked if we could let him know if we saw it. This rare bird was more likely to be seen at quieter times as the noise in a playground might scare it. Interestingly, it is attracted to shiny things! We suggested spending ten minutes looking for this ‘Loof Lirpa’ and asked each student to find something shiny before we head outside.

We walked the girls around the school really quietly, unfortunately we had no luck finding the bird. When we returned to the classroom, we revisited the characteristics of the bird and asked them if they noticed anything interesting about its name….the penny dropped!

#2 Google Earth

If Google Earth was flying over, what would you do?

Tell your class that Google Earth will by flying over the school at a certain time that day. The teachers thought it might be fun to create an extra large ‘HELLO’ on the school oval at the same time so we it can be seen on Google Earth. As you count down, 5..4..3..2..1 Add in ‘April Fool’ and watch them figure out what is going on.

#3 Brown ‘E’

I feel like this is a bit of a classic but it also depends on how many students are in your class as it requires lots of cutting out.

Put your pre-prepared brown ‘E’s on a tray our cake box and bring them into your class as a treat. As you can imagine, they all get very excited You walk into class holding a covered tray of what is presumably treats. Your classroom roars with excitement. You say, “I brought you guys brownies!” Your students cheer. You take off the cover, only to reveal the letter E cut out in brown construction paper. Your classroom groans and you laugh.

#4 Wordsearch…with no words to be found

I think this is a pretty easy prank to pull off. We are opting to challenge the girls to find as many words as they can in 5minutes. You might like to add an incentive such as 1 minute of additional play time, craft etc. Of course, will give the students some additional play time for being good sports.

#5 I’ve lost my voice

Another fun prank is to pretend you have lost your voice. Carry a whiteboard around for the morning, or even all day if you can keep up the joke!

Thanks for checking out my top 5 pranks for teachers. Feel free to add your favourite in the comments!

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