It’s Officially 2023!

With last year being our first full year at school in what seemed like forever, I feel like so many of us were dragging ourselves across the end of the year… not to mention our students too.

After a few staff days to begin this year, so many conversations were about how ‘ready’ we are feeling for the year ahead. Beyond the stories of new foodie adventures and days at the beach, I was part of discussions about really relaxing, taking time out, and enjoy the things we love the most.

For me, I enjoy the polar opposite of relaxing. I love to spend the holidays exploring, adventures, new discoveries, and travel if possible. This summer consisted of travel, lots of it to be honest, and I loved every minute of it. Literally a lap around the world and a stop off in the middle to see family I have missed since 2019, thanks covid.

Now, it’s time to get down to business. I’m excited to join the Year 6 team! Having spent last year with the cohort, we can hit the ground running and start the year with a bang.

I’m moving rooms, more students than last year in a smaller space but we can make it work. It’s time to get creative with space…stay tuned!


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