New Name… Who’s This?

I hope you are reading this feeling refreshed and ready to go in Term 2! You might have noticed a recent name change, here’s what happened.

When I started this journey, I pictured myself as a teacher with a ‘suitcase’ of ideas and tools that were constantly evolving and changing to suit the ‘season’ or in this case, lesson. While I still love and connect with that suitcase image, it’s time for something new.

I would love to connect with teachers from all over the world, particularly those in Australia, and those thinking about moving to Australia to teach. I thought I might put some time into sharing my experiences, and maybe shed light on that question you were too afraid to ask before packing a bag and moving countries. So here we are!

In Victoria, Term 2 is a short 9 weeks, and we are already in Week 2. We have new topics, new learning, teach inquiry groups, professional development, report writing, and the highlight of the year for our students….the Year 6 production! It’s going to be quite the busy term ahead.

“Inspiring others to be creative and curious”

-Teach Down Under

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