Introducing Persuasive Writing

NAPLAN returned this year, what a joy! The two main text types covered are narrative writing and persuasive writing and this year, we were blessed with a narrative prompt. We have been working on persuasive texts and this post will share some useful resources I have found to support this unit.

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6 Steps To Blackout Poetry

blackout poetry, literacy, poetry, Year 5, poetic devices, free resources

A blackout poem is a piece of poetry where the text and text form a sort of visual poem. I was drawn in to blackout poetry by one image and decided to explore the concept and learn more about it. I was intrigued by how it was displayed and the creativity involved.

I have some fantastic writers in my class and I wanted to explore poetry with them, but do it in a way they had never experienced. My class were unfamiliar with blackout poetry and so I took the opportunity to experience something that was both new to me and my students.

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